How Layer24 product works

Layer24 is time tracking and reporting product which allows employers to receive comprehensive work time statistics on current activities of employees. It improves work discipline, levels up the personnel's involvement in the working process, allows reducing costs spent on managers who supervise their subordinates' activities and predetermines more freedom for colleagues.

Work time displaying

Layer24 provides comprehensive information about the employees' working time: work activities that prevail, applications the working activities are done in, amount of time related to non-functional activities.

Effective working time analysis

Evaluate the employees' personal efficiency and compare it with overall company and industry data, find and optimize problem areas, remove distracting factors.

Customized reports

Use a flexible way of generating reports on employees' worked out hours, export data for further use by applying popular formats that are supported by our product.

Screenshot view-mode

Screenshot view-mode allows viewing user’s computer screens made at random intervals for a concrete range of time worked.

Feedback of Layer24 software package

We carefully treated the idea of Layer24 introduction in our company. When working in highly competitive software development industry, we were fearful of employees’ possible hostile attitude to the automated ‘supervisor’ applying. But our fears appeared to be inconsistent; as a result, our employees received a great flexibility in choosing their working hours, we facilitated timesheets filling in for our external collaborators and reduced the workload put on our managers. Layer24 is one of the irreplaceable instruments for us; it is the same as Google Services, Excel and Skype.

What you get with Layer24

Simple to install

Software package does not require high level of technical expertise during deployment and can be installed on a server running under Windows, Linux or Mac OS control.

Great capabilities for integration with existing software

Layer24 provides REST API for integration with existing software. The product contains API documentation inside the package.

Collected data visualization

Software package uses different graphics facilities to represent large volumes of collected data that allows employees and managers to quickly elicit weak points of the working process.

Access rights customization

User access rights differentiation system allows you to configure rights for departments, projects and certain users. It is not compulsory to provide every manager with full access rights. He or she can only see his or her department or worked out hours data of the project staff.

Wide range of supported devices

Agent applications support a wide number of employees’ client devices and can be used with three most popular operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Secure and safe

In contrast with time tracking services, Layer24 gives you full control over your data and can be deployed to a private cloud.