Download Layer24 demo version
To install the software package, you need a PC with Windows, Linux or Mac Operating Systems with the installed web service that supports Java Servlet 3.0 and MySQL Database with the version not lower than 5.0.
Layer24 demo version gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the product's functionality, to represent workflow processes and to obtain information of the company’s worked out hours or its department. Demo version trial period is for 60 days.
We currently accept Electronic Money and Credit Cards.
Frequently Asked Questions
What you need to start using the product?
You will need to install Layer24 war file to your web server. You can take the detailed installation guide in the installation package. For the working time accounting you need to install agent software.
Do we have product return policy?
We provide a 10 day period in terms of which you can refuse to purchase and get back the sum spent. Payback is done via the payment system that was used to purchase. Layer24 retains cost for payback transaction to the customer.
What I get after purchase payment?
We will create and send a license code for your company to the specified upon purchase email. You will need to enter it to the relevant field of Layer24 demo version. All restrictions will be removed for the period of use. Employee limit will be increased according to purchased license.
What’s the difference between demo and license versions?
Demo version is limited to 60 days usage and to 10 users registered. License allows to remove restrictions for the period of use and to increase users limit.
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