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Product's opportunities overview
Layer24 product provides users with opportunities of employees' working time accounting, fulfilled time categorization, and also includes report generation modes, keeps time accounting for specific projects, allows to flexibly operate with access rights to data.
Analytical data of employees' worked out time
One of Layer24 product key opportunities is its ability to perform usage analytics of the employees' working hours. Using only one mode you receive information on the fulfilled time structure in line with the selected by you option: by department, by project or by the employees’ group. Within one click you are able to switch over between data grouping options, and to use options of sorting and filtering.
Layer24 uses two types of data exposition: graphic and table display; these facilitate perception of large information volumes and promote effective revealing of problems. The product also enables opportunities of interacting with the data displayed on pages. All elements on the screen are clickable, and are represented as links to pages with the detailed information.
How much time was worked out by the employees on the project? Who overtimes in the company? Who abuses the absence at the working place?
  • immediate identification of problems;
  • easily gets gathered statistics of fulfilled time;
  • evaluation of personnel's involvement in the working process;
Fulfilled time report allows:

1 To define data representation format: by employees, by projects, by categories or by calendar periods;

2 To set reports creation timeframes: for a day, a month, a week, a year or for the selected period;

3 Filter displayed data;

4 Sort data;

5 Compare the data for different periods.

The product provides comprehensive information about the employees' working time

You can evaluate the employees' personal efficiency

You can easily downsize the displayed data applying filters

Special aspects of fulfilled time reports' generation
Providing a user with the fulfilled time information is a very complex technical challenge as it is necessary to consider a huge number of criteria and their combinations. How much time is spent by employees on the project; how much time is spent by a certain department for a concrete week. Who is absent at work and who works overtime. There is no single report that can fully answer these questions.
Reports generation mode provides 6 different types (cuts) of data filtering, operating with which, users reduce data volume and manage results’ representation.
The important function of Layer24 reports generation is an opportunity to send the generated report via E-Mail, to adjust regular reports sending to users and also the opportunity to export data to other applications and services.
We solved this task by introducing analytical constructor to our users - the tool for reports generation which would best of all answer questions asked by users.