Target user group of Layer24
Do you feel your company could work more effectively, you're not satisfied with the tracking method of your working hours? It's not obvious for you on what are the working hours of your subordinates spent? You'd like to understand why some of the employees are more productive than others? Then our product is exactly the thing that you need! Using Layer24, you will receive the access to grouped data which reflects expenses on working hours of your company. You will be able to measure disbenefit scope, which is being a result of non-purpose working time use, and to prepare actions to minimize it.
Irreplaceable assistance in control of working hours use efficiency. Productivity enhancing service for organizations and their employees.
Layer24 software package is perfectly suitable for working time accounting in companies with employees using computers to carry out their functions. Small agent software is installed to employees' computers, operating with which your subordinates can perform their working time accounting, and can also stop it any time they need. We provide each employee with evident statistics on fulfilled time, and heads of divisions get grouped data per departments and projects.
Without extra functions and without complicated interfaces, Layer24 provides only necessary features. You get working process visualization, gathered activity presented with charts, applications’ list in use, required analytics, and access to previous periods data. In order to track time and used applications, your employees should install agent application. But all functionality for data analyses is available from any computer or a smart-phone that is connected to the web, you don't need to download any additional software. Layer24 product usage can lead the organization to a higher quality level of time management.
Today, working time accounting product Layer24 is used by more than five thousand companies. The most active users are:
  • companies involved in software development;
  • graphic design studios;
  • copywriters, SEO specialists and technical authors;
  • organizations engaged in technical support;
Layer24 product usage
To start using the product, you need to execute several simple steps. First, you need to download Layer24 installation package. You will find the installation guide inside the package. When installation is finished an administrator account will be created for you automatically. Next steps: login to your account, create profiles for your employees, and grant access rights. After adding profiles, your employees will receive E-Mails with instructions on installation and running time tracking agent (application installation is compulsory only for those employees who do their working time accounting, no additional software is required to view the data).

With all the mentioned actions completed, product customization is finished; all gathered data by Layer24 agents will be reflected at the pages of your account. Within several clicks you'll be able to create a report which is of interest to you for the required period and you will also be able to view details and analytical information. Software agent installation is an action of three clicks. Generation of worked out time report is no longer than fractions of a second.
Why spend key employees' time on boring time sheets filling in and on inconvenient interfaces? Why spend additional efforts on implementation, or to be more precise, on filling in, on sending out and on inconvenient forms analysing? Please concentrate on your work together with colleagues, all routine work will be executed by us.
The prevailing majority of users don't need any additional assistance to get themselves familiar with Layer24
Simple project structure allows customizing the system fully, to adding users, and allows starting users' working time accounting within several minutes. Every new user of the system is proposed a support; nevertheless the majority of users become familiar with the system's interface by themselves.
Working time tracking products: differences between Layer24 and its competitors
There are many ways to solve problems of working time accounting as well as personnel's efficiency enhancement. Our product prevails our competitors' services in the following areas:
Worked out time sheets filling in
Unlike its competitors, Layer24 applies automatic working time accounting mechanism. Without additional efforts from the user end we record the time of employee's arrival to work, employee's leaving form work, and interruptions of work. We tell the user how much time he has been absent at the working place. If the employee is distracted by phone calls, attends meetings, we allow tracking the absence time manually.
Our product advantages
  • automatic working time accounting
  • manual accounting of absence time
  • automatic accounting of absence time
Personal efficiency enhancement of employees
We gather gather data not only on worked out by the employees time to provide it to the managers; we provide the instrument to enhance every user’s efficiency. We provide visualization of your working process, inform of its structure on the basis of real data, and of factors that destroy the work-flow, and as well inform of applications and services which steal your time.
Our product advantages
  • analysis of working time usage
  • personal efficiency against the overall company data
  • personal efficiency against other organizations
Multilevel approach to data visualization
We don't overload users with data; we use the system of multilevel exposition. On the first level you can see grouped data of the worked out time. Going down, to the second level, there is an information about the used application categories, and on the third level, on the lowest one the detailed information about used applications.
Our product advantages
  • visual data exposition
  • wide range of options for visual data filtering
  • simple transitions between levels of visual data exposition
  • visual representation of user activity statistics
If your company is growing actively, you set yourself tasks to increase overall performance of employees, you want to understand and keep inappropriate expenses on working hours under control; but to buy expensive and not optimum systems of the working time accounting is unjustified - Layer24 product usage will be your best decision.
Control of working time proper use
Many software applications of working time accounting provide you with raw collected data. Layer24 product provides instruments for the worked out time analyses, allows comparing working time usage by different employees, and to identify the most and the least effective employees who require attention.
Our product advantages
  • spent time analytics
  • the most effective, the least effective employees
  • most actively used productive / non-productive applications
Control of working time accounting at the user end
As opposed to our business rivals, who perform secret accounting of the user's behavior when working at the computer, we provide full control of the service's work to our users. The user can on his / her wish stop the working time accounting, and can control the sent on server data as well as delete undesirable data.
Our product advantages
  • start, stop control
  • temporary pause option of the service
  • automatic start of the application when turning on the computer
  • unwanted statistics deletion
If your company is growing actively, you set yourself tasks to increase overall performance of employees, you want to understand and keep inappropriate expenses on working hours under control; but to buy expensive and not optimum systems of the working time accounting is unjustified - Layer24 product usage will be your best decision.